The year is 2012, the place is earth, and the newest international issue is… Superheros.

It is year one of the Heroic Age, Superman and Batman are only a relatively new public figures. The world watches as so called “defenders of justice” take there places in the public eye and popular culture. Governments plot how to use them as instruments of control, while corporations calculate how to cash in on the new phenomenon. In the unseen reaches of the universe beings that plot to take control, or destroy, this brave new world both make themselves known to all and hide in the darkest shadows. In this world bound with strands of chance and fate, a mismatched group of heros is drawn together, lashed to one another by the dark secrets and forces they do not yet know of. Will they learn to overcome their natural distrust of one another and prevent a great evil from being loosed upon the world, or will the Deadly Elements of their enemies drag them into oblivion?

DC Adventures: Deadly Elements

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